April 8 – Resurrection

Hello friends!

This Sunday’s interbeing service will be on the theme of resurrection.

As the sun very gradually warms this part of the earth, life is waking up. For many it’s been a long winter. Resurrection is in season 🌱

What has died, and what is coming back to life? The mythos of resurrection and rebirth carries with it the mythos of transformation. What does mortality teach us about life? What goes beyond dying? From the portal of winter, what aliveness can we awaken to?

The church building is not available on Sunday, so if the weather permits we will gather outside in Tempelhofer Feld. If the weather doesn’t permit, we’ll be in the Gemeindesaal.


After the service there will be a picnic, either on the Feld or the Gemeindesaal.

Please bring a blanket to sit on, and food for yourself or food to share!

👉 Stay tuned for the exact location tomorrow in our telegram group! 👈

Hosts: Adam, Nathan