Soft Power – Aug 27

Dear Interbeings,

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing so gentle as real strength.” — Saint Francis de Sales

Is it possible to cultivate softness within yourself and in relation to the world, without surrendering your own power? Can you avoid hardening in response to force in the world, avoid dishonouring your own power?

Do we wield soft power, or do we yield to it?

Please join us tomorrow as we softly explore these questions through meditation, movement, and dialogue. Please come as you are, and participate as powerfully as you wish.

Sunday the 27th August, 1pm

Gemeindesaal, Schillerpromenade 17


Sound of Interbeing – Aug 20

This Sunday join us for the Sound of Interbeing. 🌱

How can we blend with a group while still being connected to ourselves? Through sounding, how can we explore the threshold of me and other to unite and commune with a greater whole? At that threshold, what holds us back and how can we lean into it a little more?

We will explore these through sound, play and metaphor. Using musical games we’ll connect to our inner and outer sound while harmonizing with that of the group in a container that encourages trust, creativity and empowerment.

Where: Genezarath Kirche, Herrfurthplatz, Neukölln
Service: 13:00 till 14:30
Arrival: From 12:45
Afterwards: Stay and mingle while finishing the snacks.
Exchange: The service is free. Donations are welcome to support the costs.

I’ll be co-hosting this service with my friend and musician @omereilam.

See you tomorrow! 🎶

That Quiet Love – Aug 13

Dear Interbeing Community 🌱,

We gather together this Sunday to explore that quiet love – a love that listens to the whisperings of life and unconditionally offers its simple loving presence in return.

The intention of this service is to become gentle compassion in silent communion, together.

🪷 What is compassion in its essence?
🪷 What emerges when we meet each other and ourselves with the generosity of loving presence?
🪷What becomes possible when community cultivates that quiet love together?

This Sunday, we will explore that quiet love through meditation, embodied practice, dialogue and song.

We meet in Genezarath Kirche, on Herffurthplatz at 13:00.

This service will be hosted by Adam and myself.

We look forward to being with you.


Honesty – August 6

Dear all,

The service this Sunday will be on the theme of honesty.

What is honesty?
Is there an internal move we can make to become more honest with ourselves about something?
If so, what happens when we do this?
What happens if we do this in connection with others?

We’ll explore noticing what’s true for ourselves in meditation, movement and in dialogue.

The service will be at the Genezarethkirche, 6th of August, 1pm.

Adulthood – July 30

What does it mean to be an adult?

Can it be that we live in an adolescent culture and struggle to grow up?

This Sunday you are invited to explore the two sided coin of Adulthood: freedom giving and constraining at the same time.

We will have a glimpse into traditional cultures and myths for an inspiration, learning to understand the responsibilities, challenges, and experiences associated with maturation into an adult.

Come to contemplate, sense with your body and commune with others.

Genezarath Kirche, Herffurthplatz

Please, arrive punctually. Service starts as 13:00.

The service is free. Donations are highly appreciated to support the costs.

Looking forward to interbeing with you!

Slowing Down – July 23

Dear Friends!

This Sunday’s service will be on the theme of Slowing Down.

In a fast moving world, and a city like Berlin, what could we gain from slowing down? What comes to life when we do? What becomes possible in ourselves, our relationships, and life as a whole? What’s at stake when we don’t? Is there a way of integrating slowness with the complexity and speed of the world?

Join us this Sunday where we’ll explore these questions together through inquiry, movement, dialogue and song. The service will be guided by Mette (@mettekoppelaar) and Ioanna (@ioanna_here_now).

Where: Genezarath Kirche, Herffurthplatz
Arrival: Between 12:45 and 12:55.
Service: 13:00 till 14:30.
Afterwards: Stay and mingle while finishing the snacks.
Exchange: The service is free. Donations are welcome to support the costs.

We’re looking forward to seeing you! 🦥

Embodied Imagination – July 16

Hello Interbeing Friends!

This Sunday’s service will be on the theme of Embodied Imagination.

What opens up when we explore how the imagination meets the body?

What is nourished through allowing the body to respond to the imaginal?

What wants to happen at that point where meditation, movement and imagination intermingle?

This service will be guided by guest host Alexander Popiak, who brings this embodiment practice forth as an exploration born of his own curiosity and passion.

And not to worry if you aren’t particularly visual when it comes to the imagination, you don’t need to be!

Join us for this rather experimental service where we will explore this subtle relationship between our body and our imagination – through meditation, movement, dialogue and song.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday at 1pm at Genezareth Kirche!

Soulcraft – July 9

Have you ever been called to descend into the realms of soul?

What is the unique seed at the core of your being?

How can you discover your unique place in the wider earth community?

Discovering our unique ecological niche and crafting our soul, is a life long initiatory process.

Next Sunday we dedicate ourselves to the subject of Soulcraft, as we seek to get in touch with this seed at the core of our being, through meditation, movement, self-inquiry and dialogue.

Please beware that the service offers a particular framing of ‘soul’ after the depth psychologist Bill Plotkin. You will be invited to explore a certain depth within, which might bring up challenging emotions.

The service is hosted by Carolin, with embodiment by Nele and music by Anna.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday at the Genezarethkirche at 1pm!

Solidarity – July 2

Dear interbeings,

we invite you to a service on the theme of solidarity. It takes place on Sunday the 2nd of July at 13h at the Genezareth Kirche.

How can we cultivate wholesome spaces that foster trust, care and belonging? How can we enable collective mutual support by surfacing our needs and gifts? How can we sustainably weave social fabric and build regenerative communities?

We will explore these and related questions together in meditation, movement, dialogue and song.

See you on Sunday 🌿

Wise Play – June 25

Dear Interbeings,

“Time is a game played beautifully by children.” — Heraclitus

When was the last time you played? With abandon, with focus, or with fun? Is life split into trivial leisure and serious work? Or is there space for the middle way of wise play?

Join in as we wisely play with games, dance, and dialogos. Come as you are, and participate as you prefer.

Sunday the 25th June, 1pm

Genezarethkirche Herrfuthplatz