April 23 – Earth


This Sunday, following Earth Day, our service will celebrate and explore our connection to the living world.

If the earth beneath the church could speak, what would it say? If I could live for a day as a tree on Schillerpromenade, how would my life change? What does it feel like to care for the Earth, while we let the Earth care for us?

Through song and dialogue, movement and exploration, we meet the Earth — in our selves, as beings we can encounter, as the world we are part of.

See you on Sunday 🌱

Hosts: Adam, Oliver, James

April 16 – Devotion

Hello friends!

This Sunday’s interbeing service will be on the theme of devotion.

What does devotion mean to us? Where does the deepest sense of devotion lie in our lives? Where does it comes from and what might prevent us from being wholeheartedly devoted?

We will explore the theme of devotion through contemplation, dialogue and music. Alisa and Temple from Soneiro will bring us their devotional sounds and invite us to sing mantras and medicine songs from across the globe.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday from 1-3pm at Genezareth Kirche!

Hosts: Caro, Alisa, Temple

April 8 – Resurrection

Hello friends!

This Sunday’s interbeing service will be on the theme of resurrection.

As the sun very gradually warms this part of the earth, life is waking up. For many it’s been a long winter. Resurrection is in season 🌱

What has died, and what is coming back to life? The mythos of resurrection and rebirth carries with it the mythos of transformation. What does mortality teach us about life? What goes beyond dying? From the portal of winter, what aliveness can we awaken to?

The church building is not available on Sunday, so if the weather permits we will gather outside in Tempelhofer Feld. If the weather doesn’t permit, we’ll be in the Gemeindesaal.


After the service there will be a picnic, either on the Feld or the Gemeindesaal.

Please bring a blanket to sit on, and food for yourself or food to share!

👉 Stay tuned for the exact location tomorrow in our telegram group! 👈

Hosts: Adam, Nathan

April 2 – Blessing

Dear friends,

This Sunday’s interbeing service is on the theme of blessing.
What does it mean to bless ourselves, or to bless others? To be blessed, or to be a blessing? Is blessedness an action, a posture, or a state of mind?

In this simple exploratory service we will let our bodies, our hearts, and our heads inquire and practice blessing — in movement, meditation, ritual, dialogue, and song.

The service will be cohosted by Adam and Startbahn friends Anja Siebert-Bright from Spirit&Soul (https://spiritandsoul.org/) and Susann Kachel from Segensbüro (https://segensbuero-berlin.de/).

Hosts: Adam, Susann, Anja

March 26 – Honouring Water

This Sunday we gather in Genezareth Church in order to honour water!

Because water is life!

All life on the planet depends on it. Our planet is almost three quarters of water. Our human bodies are made up of 70% of water (cellularly). And yet humans tend to ignore the sacredness of water and treat it as an object, heavily polluting it, privatising it and selling it in plastic bottles as just another commodity.

So we invite you to come together to honour this sacred element with our bodies, our voices, our music and our souls.

We will explore how our inner waters and the outer waters are connected and create a ritual space to let our emotions flow.

We look forward to seeing you at 1pm-3pm at the church.

Hosts: Carolin, Katharina, Omer and Ioanna

March 19 – Wisdom of Sound

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

This is how it all began, according to John: With the Word, Logos, first Sounds, a Divine Reason that ordered the Universe.

Sound is the essence of reality, the basis for our relationship with the world. Discover the transformative Wisdom of Sound, Music and Silence at our upcoming Sunday service

March 19 ✨ 1 pm
Genezareth Kirche

Immersing ourselves in the sound of drums, singing bowls, our voices and the piano, we will experience how these vibrations can enhance our well-being, joy and connection to the world.

To create a coherent experience of interbeing, please be there on time, bring a blanket or shawl in case spring temperatures drop again, donations appreciated 🌷✨


Esh Loh is yogi, pianist, composer and the founder of Tala Yoga.
His mission is to help people live conscious lives in resonance with themselves through the universal language of music. https://www.eshloh.com

Tuulia is a shamanic singer and modern day priestess. Her work is dedicated to the liberation of the full expression of the voice of the soul, through opening the body, mind & heart as a channel between Matter & Spirit.

Hosts: Theresa, Esh

March 12 – Sacred Geometries

What does it mean to find the balance and the grounding through a physical experience?

How can I connect to my full strength and presence, to a state of embodied sacredness, that can guide me and sustain me?

With some embodied practices coming from the very ancient art of Bharatanatyam dance (Indian classical dance) and carnatic music we’ll explore sacred geometries within our bodies and voices.

Together we will experience what opens through the practice of these disciplines rooting back to at least two thousand years ago…

Please bring comfortable clothes to allow for easy movement!

We have the great pleasure of being guided through this service by one of our beloved attendees, Giulia Marchetti, a professional Bharatanatyam dancer, teacher & yoga practitioner, based between Berlin and Italy.

Join us for this playful travel through the wisdom of our bodies, sustained by the activation of the primal energy of our root Chakra.

Hosts: Sanya, Giulia

March 5 – Homecoming

Dear Interbeing,

This Sunday we invite you to come home through dance.

What does it mean to come home in our digital age, full of distractions and information consumption?

Can our relationship with smart-phones be intentional?

How does digital addiction impact quality of our presence and relating?

5 Rhythms teacher and a regular attendee of Church of Interbeing services, Oliver Euchner, will guide us into an exploration of letting go and finding home within through the Body Waves.

This service will last 2 hours and will include physical movement for about an hour. Please, bring comfortable clothing and make sure you are on time!

Looking forward to co-create this experience with you!

Hosts: Oliver, Vasi

Feb 26 – Resilience

Hello friends,

After the host for this week’s service fell ill, we quickly re-oriented to a theme that seems to be touching many of our lives at the moment: RESILIENCE.

How can we bend but not break? What strength only appears when we’re in the fire of adversity or sorrow? What is resilience for a community? For a neighbourhood? For a planet?

Bending with the challenge of the moment, four of our hosts will come together to offer this spontaneously created service.

Acknowledging it’s okay to not be okay, we will let our bodies, our hearts, and our minds explore what it means to have adversity pass through us and be fully alive on the other side. 🌊

See you in the church tomorrow 💪

Hosts: Adam, Sanya, Nathan, Nele

Feb 19 – Meeting as Humans

Dear inter-being 👀,

What is the strongest memory of being with another person last week? What made it special? What did you see?

We meet so many people each day. How did I relate with them?
Was it with care?
Was it “just happening”?

In this week’s service we want to give ourselves the opportunity to explore the two poles on which we can relate with each other:

Meeting as humans,
Meeting as souls. ✨

What does this mean? 🤔

We’ll journey through different ways of relating, giving ourselves space to find the edge of what it means to connect with ourselves and others.

Come join us on!

Hosts: Vasi, Lukas