March 19 – Wisdom of Sound

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

This is how it all began, according to John: With the Word, Logos, first Sounds, a Divine Reason that ordered the Universe.

Sound is the essence of reality, the basis for our relationship with the world. Discover the transformative Wisdom of Sound, Music and Silence at our upcoming Sunday service

March 19 ✨ 1 pm
Genezareth Kirche

Immersing ourselves in the sound of drums, singing bowls, our voices and the piano, we will experience how these vibrations can enhance our well-being, joy and connection to the world.

To create a coherent experience of interbeing, please be there on time, bring a blanket or shawl in case spring temperatures drop again, donations appreciated 🌷✨


Esh Loh is yogi, pianist, composer and the founder of Tala Yoga.
His mission is to help people live conscious lives in resonance with themselves through the universal language of music.

Tuulia is a shamanic singer and modern day priestess. Her work is dedicated to the liberation of the full expression of the voice of the soul, through opening the body, mind & heart as a channel between Matter & Spirit.

Hosts: Theresa, Esh