Nov 27 – Creation

Hello hello!

As we deepen into winter, in a prelude to our thematic series of services leading up to Solstice and Christmas, this Sunday we will play a ritual game on the theme of CREATION.

Laurence Currie-Clark, the inventor of a dialogue format called the Glass Bead Game, will co-host a service with a special version of this game created for the church. It will include multi-modal dialogue in music, dance, speech and song. ✨

In the Christian calendar, this is the 1st Sunday of advent. Advent means coming, or arrival. It is the beginning of celebration, the hope of a possible spring even as the nights still lengthen, the call to create conditions in which mysteries and miracles arrive.

What can we create? Where is the generative edge where things that once were not come into being? How do we go there together and dance with the emergence, at once creating and watching creation happen? What play creates?

Welcome to this playful ritual of intersubjective sacred space.

See you in the church! 🌱

Hosts: Adam, Laurence Currie-Clark