Nov 6 – Earth Body

FORAS – Earth Body
this Sunday at
Church of Interbeing

🌍✨ A thread that is woven through countless mythologies, is the ontology that our human bodies come from the earth. To be human is to be spirit, em-bodied, moulded from clay, totally unique ecological structures, moving through life.

What do our conversations with these bodies look like? Is there perhaps a more generous, playful and reverent conversation available to us, where the body’s innate and quiet wisdom can emerge? How does this conversation permeate into the ways we converse with and listen to the innate and quiet wisdom of our greater earth?

In this inquiry, artist Jessie Monk will guide us through release practices from the Alexander Technique Pedagogy for a deeply physical contemplation around and with our earth-bodies.

You are invited to bring a small book (2-3cm thick) for placing behind your head during the practice. any book will do!

Hosts: Jessie Monk, Adam