Sept 4 – Wholeness

Dear interbeing friends,

This week we have another special collaborative experiment: Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger, who are leading the meditation and dialogue retreat at Moos, will co-host a service with us and the retreat participants.

The theme is wholeness.

Through their unique approach to meditation and dialogue, we’ll experiment with the possibility of entering what Elizabeth and Thomas call a field of emergent interbeing — a space in which we are both aware of ourselves as individuals and at the same time stewarding the mysterious potential of what’s between us.

This can give a taste of a kind of wholeness, from which other responses to the fragmentation of our world might be possible.

More about Thomas and Elizabeth’s work and the retreat:

We will start as usual at 13:00, but this week we’ll finish at 15:00 instead of 14:30.

One important note: the service this week will be video live-streamed for those participating in the retreat online. This means we will be meditating with another 100 people or so, spread around the world — a new experiment for this experimental space!

See you on Sunday! 🌿