Aug 21 – Love In Action

Dear interbeing friends,

This Sunday I will co-host our interbeing service with Jasmin El-Manhy. Jasmin is the visionary pastor who initiated the Startbahn project which runs the Herrfurthplatz church. She has been supporting the church of interbeing to exist in that space. I’m quite excited about this collaboration, and intersection of worlds and communities that it represents!

The theme this week is love in action. What does it mean — and what does it feel like — when love is not a noun, but a verb? When, as bell hooks says, love is a thing you do, not a just an emotion? As usual, this will be an inquiry that touches mind, body, and heart, and we will include a rather ancient experiential ritual of loving service at the center of our Sunday gathering.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday to continue this edge-walking experiment of finding the sacred space between worlds.

Hosts: Jasmin, Adam