Nov 13 – Roles We Play

Dear friends,

this Sunday you are invited to an experiment around the topic of identity – the roles we play in life. Which roles do you play? Which of them is the real you? Or is that the wrong question? And who could we be – together?

We will explore these questions by coming together and allowing our bodies, minds and spirits to play in a safe space of possibility.

Come and join us Sunday at the Herrfurthplatz church at 1pm.

Hosts: Filipe, Vasi

Nov 6 – Earth Body

FORAS – Earth Body
this Sunday at
Church of Interbeing

🌍✨ A thread that is woven through countless mythologies, is the ontology that our human bodies come from the earth. To be human is to be spirit, em-bodied, moulded from clay, totally unique ecological structures, moving through life.

What do our conversations with these bodies look like? Is there perhaps a more generous, playful and reverent conversation available to us, where the body’s innate and quiet wisdom can emerge? How does this conversation permeate into the ways we converse with and listen to the innate and quiet wisdom of our greater earth?

In this inquiry, artist Jessie Monk will guide us through release practices from the Alexander Technique Pedagogy for a deeply physical contemplation around and with our earth-bodies.

You are invited to bring a small book (2-3cm thick) for placing behind your head during the practice. any book will do!

Hosts: Jessie Monk, Adam

Oct 30 – Change & Grace

Dear friends,

As the trees drop their leaves and autumn approaches winter, as seasonal celebrations remind us of ancestors and cycles of death and life, we gather this Sunday for an interbeing service on the theme of change and grace.

What structures are not working, that we wish to let go, release, encourage to fall and compost? What light of possibility can illuminate the darker time of the year? Where can we open to the grace of change that comes unexpectedly, lifting hearts or transforming systems that are ready to shift?

Jasmin El-Manhy, the convention-defying pastor who stewards the Herrfurthplatz church, will join us again as co-host tomorrow, with a deep and simple ritual of change and grace.

Come to the Herrfurthplatz church in Schillerkiez at 13:00 on Sunday to continue this experiment in contemplation, conversation, ritual, song, and celebration.

See you tomorrow 🌿

Hosts: Jasmin, Adam

Oct 23 – Community & Mutual Aid

Dear friends,

we will have a small and simple service in the studio room at the Herrfurthplatz church at 1pm tomorrow.

The theme is community & mutual aid. How can we care for each other and those around us? As the season gets colder and themes of fear and scarcity are in the news, how can we practice radical collective self-reliance, resilience, and care? How do we balance giving and receiving, personal and collective, self and other? What does mutual aid look like from a perspective of interbeing?

The main space at the church is in use again this week, so we will gather in the studio room.

To get there from the main entrance, go left around the cafe and along the side of the church until you see signs.

Looking forward to being together with a few of you tomorrow for the service in the afternoon! ✨

(And then together with a big convergence of Berlin communities at the Music Temple in the evening!)


Oct 16 – Holding Space for Peace

Holding a Space for Peace

This Sunday, Valeria Sabirova will open a space for all of us much needed in a world of escalating conflicts. Since the attacks on Ukraine started in February, Lera saw a need to intensify her own peace practice.

Some of the questions accompanying her every day were: Do we feel in Power to create the world that we have been dreaming of? What is that Power? How can we connect to it?

Let’s come together to explore how we can strengthen our ability to nourish what we wish to blossom.
The ability to hold that space as individuals, as a community and as a whole feels important these days πŸŒ€

Please note: we will gather in the parish hall not far from the church as there is another event running all weekend.

See you πŸ’™
16 Oct. 1 pm
at the Gemeindesaal
Schillerpromenade 16

Host: Lera

Oct 9 – Navigating Emotions

Dear all,

this Sunday we come together to explore the power of heartfelt presence as a tool to navigate emotions.

The intention is to find ways to work with any emotion to support us on our path and to become graceful sailors of our inner worlds.

The main tool our host Malina Kaya will guide us to use is our voice. Through sound and silence we will take turns in expressing and witnessing.

Come join, strengthening your inner and outer voice, gathering in circle to sing from the heart.


Host: Malina Kaya Lumina

Oct 2 – Wellbeing

Our glass bead game master Laurence has fallen sick today, so we’ve had to postpone his offering of the game!

Flowing with the moment, we’ve re-oriented to an alternate theme for today that feels appropriate: wellbeing

What does it take to be well in the times we’re in? What does wellness mean for me, for my community, for the world?

We will have a simple service at 13:00 today exploring the theme of well being in meditation, movement, dialogue and song.

Be well, and see you in the church πŸ™‚ 🌿

Host: Adam

Sept 25 – Harvest Celebration

Dear Interbeings,

day is equalising night today and it is a great occasion to wish you a happy (and balanced) transition into Autumn and the colder season of the year.

We want to mark this Equinox by honouring the passing summer season and are calling you to join upcoming Sunday service on the topic of β€’Harvest Celebrationβ€’.

If you want to touch up memories from the summer, collect highlights and harvest the most precious fruits of it in community, you are warmly invited to join us!

There will be a guided meditative journey, movement, voice improvisation, dialogue and sharing of food.

See you on Sunday!

Host: Vasi

Sept 18 – Council of All Beings

Imagine you are chosen by a pine tree in Grunewald, a fish in the Oder River, a falcon on Tempelhofer feld – imagine they chose you to help them to be heard.

Theresa and Lukasz will guide a practice that taps into our imagination and embodied wisdom to let us see from new perspectives how we can respond to the crises of the times we’re in, and perhaps even create a more beautiful world.

(Because of an art show, we need to be out of the church by 14:45. Please arrive a little early, so we can start on time at 13:00).

See you tomorrow!

Hosts: Theresa and Lukasz

Sept 11 – Letting Go

Dear interbeing friends,

There will be an interbeing service on Sunday at the Genezareth Kirche, at 13:00.

It will be hosted by Adam and me on the theme of letting go.

What is letting go? How can we practice letting go? And what do we want to let go of?
In our increasingly complex and fast-paced world the art of letting go becomes more and more essential. By allowing what is, accepting what is and then letting go of what is we can come back to the present moment and make room for what wants to emerge.

We will explore letting go in meditation, movement, dialogue and song.

See you on Sunday 🌿

With love,