Jan 29 – Seeds

Guten morgen 🫘

Tomorrow’s interbeing service will be on the theme of SEEDS.

As the days perceptibly lengthen, while the air is still cold and the skies gray, in nature the seeds of springtime growth rest in the earth, waiting to awaken.

What if we were also seeds, buried in the January darkness of a Berlin winter, resting, trusting, unsure when spring will come?

What conditions prepare us to sprout? What is the dark fertile soil we need around us? How can we tend ourselves and each other as the season softens us for germination? How does the seed know when it’s time to grow? What do we need? What can we give?

In this service of metaphorical prayer, we will explore the solidarity of seeds through movement, meditation, conversation and song.

Please bring a blanket or shawl, and wear comfy clothes you can move in.

See you tomorrow! 🫘

Jan 22 – Earth Body II

Dear interbeing friends,

This week artist, musician, and movement researcher Jessie Monk returns to host a movement-oriented service about our bodies and the earth.

In times of increasing concern for our earth’s wellbeing, when discourse surrounding this concern is extricated from our bodies to purely political and scientific spheres, how can we allow our bodies to return to sensitivity, to conversation, and to relationship with our earth and its manifestation within us? How can we recognize the spirit of earth in ourselves? And how does this shape our conversation with place, and our mysterious existence within it?

The service will be a deeply embodied inquiry, using the movement language of Gaga to bring us into an exploration of our bodies as dynamic expressions of the earth.

NOTE: This service will be a highly physical inquiry, involving movement/dance. Please wear clothes you feel comfortable moving (and sweating) in. This movement language is suitable and inclusive of all bodies and abilities (including complete beginners) so if it is your first time engaging with this type of practice, we encourage you to be courageous, and re-assure you that it is a practice where one is celebrated both in diving deep, or in slowly dipping their toes in. 🌊🌻

Host: Jessie Monk, Adam

Jan 15 – Service, Tending & Care

Dear friends,

This Sunday our service will be on the theme of service, tending and care.

What does it mean to be of service? Does it mean anything? If so, why? What does it feel like?

Notions of service are embedded conceptually but uprooted practically in our individualistic society. What could it mean to reclaim our capacity to serve, tend, and care for ourselves, each other, and the life around us?

In this service about service, we will explore — in practical experiments, song, dialogue, and reflection — what it means to be of service here and now.

(And, since the church of interbeing project is turning one year old on Sunday, we will also serve ourselves cake! ✨)

See you at the church! 🧹

Host: Adam, Laurine

Jan 8 – Silence

Hello all!

Tomorrow we will have our first service of 2023. ✨ The theme is silence.

It will be an exploration without words, journeying together into a non-verbal landscape of presence, connection, and non-linear communication.

We will start as usual at 13:00 at the Genezareth church.

See you tomorrow! 🌿

Host: Adam

Dec 25 – Opening Christmas

Dear friends!

As we’ve turned the corner of solstice, and the sun is imperceptibly rising from the valley of the longest night, it is time to celebrate.

But what are we celebrating?

Christmas is a paradoxical feast, a context of contesting stories, a cultural ritual both deep and beautiful and peculiar.

Tomorrow’s service on the theme of Opening Christmas is a mytho-poetic procession through the stories of Christmas, from the dawning of solstice, to wise ones following an unlikely star, gifts appearing in the night, and the possible birth of impossibly innocent revolutionary love in our own hearts.

There will be carols, candles, and cake!

See you in the church on tomorrow at 13:00!


Hosts: Adam, Nathan

Dec 18 – Stillness

Dear interbeing friends,

There will be an interbeing service on Sunday at the Genezareth Kirche, at 13:00.

It will be hosted by Adam and me on the theme of stillness.

The time of winter solstice when the sun dips to its lowest point of the year is an ideal period for reflection and stillness. Stepping back from our sometimes noisy and fast-moving lives and connecting to the stillness that lies underneath can enable us to listen to what is and what wants to emerge. On Sunday we will get in contact with this underlying stillness, reflect on the relationship between movement and stillness and contemplate the role of stillness within our own lives.

We will explore these topics in meditation, movement, dialogue and song.

See you on Sunday 🌿

With love,


Hosts: Nicki, Adam

Dec 11 – Light Within

Dear Church of Interbeing Community,

as the Winter Solstice approaches, darkness embraces us in these last weeks of the calendar year.

Let not the diminishing external light influence your Light Within! Join us for the next service this Sunday in the Moving Through Darkness series.

What hides behind the mystery of the Light Within?
How can we align with it?
And what happens when the light gets murky?

Come to explore these questions together in dialogue, contemplation, movement and singing.
Come to (re)spark your Light and to stoke it stronger, discovering action established in radiant being.

We start at 1pm together.
Please, make sure to arrive in time.

✨ bring a friend, and a scarf or blanket!

see you on Sunday! ✨

Host: Vasi

Dec 4 – Praying for Peace

Dear Church of Interbeing Community,

as darkness surrounds us in these last weeks of the year, we want to come together and pray, sink into the depth of that darkness and find ways of collectively moving through challenging times.

Our first event of this ~ moving through darkness ~ series will be dedicated to the Peace we want to see in the world and within ourselves. As the attacks on Kyjw, women’s rights, Mother Earth continue, we are incredibly blessed that pianist Sasha Pushkin will offer his music as a prayer this Sunday at the Church. Donations at the service will be sent to Ukrainian families through the solidarity movement of Leave No One Behind (https://ukraine.lnob.net/spenden/).

✨💙 bring a friend, and a scarf or blanket!

see you on Sunday at 1pm ✨

Hosts: Theresa, Lera

Nov 27 – Creation

Hello hello!

As we deepen into winter, in a prelude to our thematic series of services leading up to Solstice and Christmas, this Sunday we will play a ritual game on the theme of CREATION.

Laurence Currie-Clark, the inventor of a dialogue format called the Glass Bead Game, will co-host a service with a special version of this game created for the church. It will include multi-modal dialogue in music, dance, speech and song. ✨

In the Christian calendar, this is the 1st Sunday of advent. Advent means coming, or arrival. It is the beginning of celebration, the hope of a possible spring even as the nights still lengthen, the call to create conditions in which mysteries and miracles arrive.

What can we create? Where is the generative edge where things that once were not come into being? How do we go there together and dance with the emergence, at once creating and watching creation happen? What play creates?

Welcome to this playful ritual of intersubjective sacred space.

See you in the church! 🌱

Hosts: Adam, Laurence Currie-Clark

Nov 20 – Honoring Death

Dear friends,

It’s that beautiful time of year when we’re being invited into darkness – a depthful period to connect to the deceased, the nature of dying and to the topic of death itself.

This Sunday (Totensonntag in the protestant tradition) Carolin and Sanya are hosting a service to honour death and mortality!

It will be a slightly shorter service (~1h) as the church will then be set up for a Feast For the Dead, starting at 15.30, to which you are all also invited!

We look forward to seeing you at 12.45pm at Genezarethkirche on Sunday! ✨

Hosts: Carolin, Vasi